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Yes, you can use any of the beats for your songs as long as you give necessary credits in the title/description of your track. Non-commercial use. If you intend on using the beats for distribution or live performances, additional rights may need to be purchased. Please use the "Contact Us" page to inquire about leasing. 

can i use the beats in my youtube videos?

Yes, you can use the music in your YouTube videos without copyright issues. All of our beats are copyright-free and royalty-free. However, we ask that you provide credit in the following way. 


Music Provided by: Luxury Beats

Producer: [Producer Name Here] 


This text should be visible either on-screen at the beginning or end of the video, or at the top of your video description.

Can i do live performances using the beats?

All tracks are free to use for non-commercial use. If you intend on doing live performances using the beats you may need to purchase the necessary rights. Please use the "Contact Us" page to inquire about purchasing a beat. 

how many beats

can i download?

Unlimited downloads are available for all members (premium and free trial members). The free trial includes 50 beats that are updated weekly. Our paid plans will give you access to hundreds of exclusive beats, curated playlists and additional features. 

how do i pay for a 


You can pay for a membership using Debit / Credit Card or PayPal. We offer monthly or yearly memberships. Save 25% if you sign up for a yearly membership! 

Will membership fees ever increase?

As our network and library of music continue to grow, we may decide to increase our prices at a later date. If you sign up right NOW, your monthly price will be locked in forever! So you'll never have to pay more than the price you see today. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Get your membership today by visiting the 'pricing' page.

how do i cancel a membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Sign in as a member, and click "Contact Us" in the top menu. Fill out the form with your request and we will cancel your membership before the next payment occurs.

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